Behind the Scenes: A Professional Wardrobe Story with Kelly Andrews

Kelly Andrews wanted a professional wardrobe capsule collection. After our first discovery meeting, we decided to find the unique pieces (jackets, blazers, dresses, pants, tops, and accessories) that match her brand and personality in colors that work for every season. Here are the amazing results of her wardrobe story:

Kelly, what will you be wearing this fall?

“Vibrant colors and clothes that make me feel good physically, mentally & emotionally.  I am all about comfort and fun while still looking and feeling professional.”

Why were you interested in investing in a wardrobe capsule collection?

“I want to be able to look professional without having to make lots of decisions about what to wear. Having assistance with styles and fabrics that can mix and match makes it simple.”

How was your wardrobe consulting experience?

“Nyrka was so helpful. She has great eyes for style and colors that work for my appearance and body type.  She is efficient, effective, organized, and most importantly she has a deep passion for her clients and the work.  I had so much fun shopping (& I am not a shopper).” 

 Thank you Kelly for sharing your story!


Nyrka Riskin