Stephanie Campbell Feature - One Woman. Of Style.

One Woman. Of Style.

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Stephanie, what a coincidence!  Our outfits match today!  At Polk State College and at our community, you are known as someone that dresses professionally and stylish.  How would you describe your style?

Thank you for the compliments! I am humbled and honored to have this opportunity to interview with you my friend.  I would describe my style of dress to be similar to the way Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle dress – choice of style, designers, asymmetrical, finesse, and always keeping it classy. 

What is your favorite staple wardrobe item?

Nice shoes and a set of pearls.

 If someone wants to purchase a few key pieces for their professional wardrobe, where should they go?

Outlet Stores, Last Act at Macy’s, Dillard’s Clearance Centers.  If you notice, they are all reduced priced stores. You should always shop the sale racks first and foremost because they have the best deals on the racks.  And I know without a doubt, that eventually the full priced items will go on sale.  Never pay full price!

Spring season is coming up.  What is your favorite color?

Vibrant colors and interesting lines.

Anything else you might want to add that can give us more insight into your professional image?

My sense of style is more than just fashion. I always say that women should wear whatever makes them feel good. That's what I always try to do.  My shoes need to fit for comfort because I am always running, walking, and making things come full circle.  I speak eloquently, walk with grace, and portray myself in a positive and respectful light.   I can change my dress code from casual to an evening of elegance in 45 minutes, if required.  Usually, when I walk into a boardroom, I say to myself “Is it hot in here or is it just Stephanie?”

Stephanie, thank you for spending time with us!  We love your vibrant style!

Nyrka Riskin