Alice Koehler Feature - One Woman. Of Style.

One Woman. Of Style.


Alice, thank you for sharing your styling wisdom this month.  What is your favorite staple wardrobe item?

I love my black knit blazer with leather accents, especially the elbow patches.  I also love brightly colored shoes.

We think you are stylish.  Would you say you have a unique style?

I've been told I portray an edgy sophistication.

We are curious.  What do you mean by edgy?

Edgy sophistication, by my estimation, balances unique pieces with classic pieces.  As an example, I love to wear a classic pencil skirt with a vintage jacket and garage sale earrings.  Or, my grandmother's dress with updated buttons and modern shoes.  I love creating looks that reflect my personal values and make me feel good. Mostly though, edgy sophistication is where I feel most confident in the style world. (And, THAT is the most stylish thing any woman can be.  No matter what pieces she puts together, confidence is ALWAYS stylish!)

If someone wants to copy your unique style, where should they go?

Their grandmother's attic, garage sales, and consignment shops.  In Lakeland, we don't have a large selection of places that carry high-quality professional pieces, but I usually find success in a small corner of Dillard’s. 

 I also love shopping my friends' closets!  A couple of times a year I host a Swap Shop at my home. My friends clear out their gently loved items and bring them to me in the weeks ahead of the event.  I then organize all the pieces into a pop-up boutique and we all shop for free.  I think it's important to remember that creating your own style doesn't have to be expensive.

 Alice, I know we are in the fall/winter season but do you have a favorite color?

I do!  I really like blush/pink.  I have so many pieces that feature that color:  blazer, pants, shoes, shirts, and so on.

And finally, how do you keep your clothes organized?

I have a mid-century home that doesn't have lots of storage space, and I certainly don't have a modern walk-in closet.  So, about a year ago, I read up on The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, also known as the KonMari Method.  I pulled every single thing out of my closet and drawers, piled it all on my bed and tried on each and every piece.  If it didn't make me feel good and bring me joy, I got rid of it.  Then, I followed Marie Kondo's suggestions for organizing; her folding methods are magical!  I also use the slimline hangers which make for so much more space in my small closet, and I organize first by type of clothing then by color.

Alice, thank you for spending time with us! 

Thanks for thinking of me!  I am always surprised and flattered when my style captures attention.


Nyrka Riskin