Image Leadership: How Wellness Affects Your Personal Brand

Each morning, as soon as we wake up, we have the unique opportunity to decide how we will present ourselves to the world.  The way we choose to respond to these daily pivotal decisions will directly impact our personal brands.

As a professional image consultant, I teach my clients about the importance of embracing their personal image and dedicating time and energy to improving their brands.  I remind my clients that their image can positively (or negatively) reflect their jobs, goals, and careers.  The positive effects of wellness can carry over to their personal lives as well.  

2018 has only just begun.  This year, let us focus on improving our image, and developing our personal brands by incorporating more wellness habits into our daily routines.

When we look good, we feel good!  Here are some useful tips to consider when improving our image and personal brands:

1. Develop a Consistent (And Fun) Exercise Regimen

Staying active, and participating in workouts like yoga and cardio every week can give us the rush of adrenaline that we need to give us a clear head when accomplishing our goals.  Working out doesn’t have to be boring.  The key is finding the workout that works best for you, and gets you the most excited.



2. Find Quiet Time

An important aspect of self-care includes finding quiet time on a daily basis.  By taking just ten minutes a day to clear the mind and reset focus, we are training ourselves to be present and in the moment.  Finding ten minutes a day might be very hard to do for some. I encourage you to get creative with these moments.  You can meditate while walking, sitting at your desk, first thing in the morning, and while cooling down after a workout.  There are a few great apps, some of which are free, that can be downloaded such as Headspace and Breathe.

3. Focus on your Professional Attire

First Impressions are everything!  It is important to reflect professionalism in everything that we do, including your wardrobe.  For example, every morning I review my business and personal goals, and then I make sure my image follows suit.  If it seems simple, that’s because it is! If your business or personal goals include meeting a new client that day, dress to impress. Do your best to be aware of what’s on your calendar that morning, and plan accordingly.

Your personal brand is determined by your image leadership skills!

Image leadership requires matching your inner leader to your outside appearance.  By applying these three tips, you will not only improve your image leadership, but make a great first (and second) impression.  Cultivating these wellness practices will continue to have positive effects on your leadership development.


What other wellness practices have you tried?

I would love to hear them! Visit me on Instagram @nyrkariskin_purplesuits.

All the best!


Nyrka Riskin