Elevator Pitch training is exactly what your team needs!

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The end of the year is quickly approaching.  During this time, employers are focused on holding retreats and rewarding employees for their positive job performance throughout the year. Another way that organizations can inspire creativity and refresh their teams is to remind them of the uniquely and valuable role they play in moving the organization forward.

By showing employees how their personal brands tie in with their business elevator pitches, companies can encourage creativity and a renewed sense of vision across the organization.

Here are two ways companies can invest in their employees before year end:

 1.            Show team members how to manage their personal brand

Each team member should know how to manage their own personal brand.  Developing these key branding and sales strategies can lead to employees earning more respect from clients and peers, becoming an influencer in the workplace, developing a more robust client base, and having better career opportunities. Ultimately, these efforts result in a direct increase in revenue for the organization.

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2.            Empower team members to develop their individual elevator pitches

Every team member should have an individualized elevator pitch that describes their personal brand, the value they bring to the team, and their effect on the organization. A successful elevator pitch also outlines current or past projects and the results employees have achieved.

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Choosing to invest in your team’s personal and professional development will have a positive impact on the overall marketing efforts of the organization.  Moreover, an empowered team will be able to speak a uniform language to customers and other stakeholders.

Do you have an elevator pitch? I would love to hear about it!

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All the best!

Nyrka Riskin