3 Steps To Take Your Outfit from Business Meeting to Holiday Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The holidays are here and it’s the perfect time to party in style with your co-workers, friends and loved ones.

Most of us struggle during the holidays when those holiday party invitations start to stroll in.  In my case, I would like to attend most events but I can barely keep up with meetings and deadlines at work, making it to car line on time, driving my daughter to dance team practice, and then looking amazing by the time the holiday party begins.  

There is hardly enough time to leave the office, commute back home, change, and then arrive to the holiday party on time looking our best.

Feels familiar?

Here are three super easy steps that will take you from business meeting to holiday party chic in no time!

#1 Wear a Neutral Canvas

A neutral canvas is all about focusing on a base outfit that you can later embellish.  A few good examples are a sleeveless pantsuit and a sheath dress (preferably in darker colors).  For business meetings, you can add a blazer, business jacket or scarf.  You can also wear a party top under your business jacket (you can remove the business jacket later or replace it with an evening jacket) and dark dress pants.  These are great examples that will give you a neutral canvas when transitioning events.









#2 Add Sparkly Accessories

Let’s give your holiday outfit a little pop!  In seconds, you can dress up your look by making a few small additions to your outfit that can change your whole look.  Start with your shoes by changing into a more colorful high heel.  Then, add one or more sparkly statement jewelry pieces. Finally, avoid large purses and place your evening essentials into a light clutch or small shoulder handbag.



#3 Refresh Your Hair and Makeup

Get creative with a last minute hairstyle!  Embellished hair pins and accessories can come in handy when creating new looks.  It is also a good time to retouch your makeup with evening shades such as smoky tones or a red lip.

Your look is now complete!  You are ready to enjoy the holiday party in style, and it only took a little bit of planning and effort!



Stylist Tip: Take a picture of your outfit and start a photo album with your looks.  It is a simple way to recreate your look in the future!


Nyrka Riskin