5 Ways to Transition From A Steady Job to an Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Hello!  My name is Nyrka and it’s so great to meet you!  Currently, I live in the sunny state of Florida with my husband and daughter.  I am extremely passionate about healthy eating, consistent exercise, personal styling, and anything related to becoming a polished business professional.  Recently, after many years in the workforce, I have decided to pursue my true passion full-time.

Launching into a completely new career has been both scary and exciting.

With new seasons in life comes the need for a renewed sense of courage and strength!

When I was a child, my dad would tell me “You can have anything in life if you work hard for it.”  He would also say “If you don’t try, you will never know.”  It seems like now more than ever I am leaning on his wisdom and counsel.

After careful consideration, I am now ready to launch my consulting business and begin this new adventure full speed ahead!  I invite you to join along in my journey as I share what I learn along the way.

“If you don’t try, you will never know.”


Believe it or not, this is my very first blog, and writing it wasn’t easy.  I probably stared at that blank Microsoft Word document for 20 minutes before writing a complete sentence.  For some reason, it was really hard to take that initial step. Then I decided it was time to be myself, to write about my journey, and share it with the world.

For all of you who are also thinking about launching into your own new adventure, here are five things I can share with you about transitioning from a steady job to an entrepreneurial endeavor:

#1 Do Your Research:

Read and research the industry you are about to enter.  Obtain certifications, read books, and learn more about other people that currently do what you want to do.

#2 Create A Business Plan:

Drafting a business plan will force you to think about your goals, financials, and overall brand. You can look at your current budget and decide what you need to sustain the business and yourself during this transition period.  Make sure you establish achievable, short-term goals.

#3 Consider Hiring a Career Coach or Life Coach:

This has been one of my best investments.  Consider hiring experts that inspire you, take you to the next level, and add new perspectives.  There are coaches that offer both in-person and virtual services, so they can fit whatever method works best for you. 

#4 Develop Your Brand:

You can start building your website and brand on your own or hire an expert.  Your brand should define your service or product and where do you want to be in the next few years.

#5 Become Your Own Advocate:

When you are ready, start talking about your business to anyone that is willing to hear, post pictures of your journey in your social media, give out business cards, volunteer at related industry organizations, and interview mentors.

By following these steps, you will get closer to your new goal of starting a new business.  So far, it’s working for me.  I will keep you posted as I travel the world of the self-starters, small business owners, creatives, free spirited minds....you get the idea!

All the best,

Nyrka Riskin